About me?

Hey everyone, welcome to my blog – enjoy your stay.

I’m a young lad from England who’s too curious for his own good. I need to know something about everything, even if it means I end up knowing nothing about anything ha! I love language and communication, I’m fixated by it and every little nuence of it.If you have something interesting to share, I’d love to hear about it. Particularly if it’s about: Art, Neurolinguistics, Psychology, Economics, Politics, Tech, Health, Science.

My favourite quote is “The greatest poverty is ignorence”. Too true.

Much love



2 thoughts on “About me?

  1. You have a great perspective. Stick with it as life unfolds for you – an appetite for knowledge, along with nurturing of your emotional intelligence, will serve you well.

    In response to your “share” request, here’s something interesting:


    It’s a Deepak Chopra speech transcript. Fairly dense, a bit hard to comprehend, but…there are some fascinating points in here. Enjoy!

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